Taka Kigawa
"Extraordinary Pianist" - The New York Times

Argentina's leading newspaper, La Nacíon previewed Taka Kigawa's Pierre Boulez Complete Solo Piano Music recital, as well as other concerts by local artists.

"After any concert by Taka Kigawa, one feels a sense of rare elation..."
The pianist Taka Kigawa, playing at Le Poisson Rouge, manifested wonder and joy in his performance of demanding works. A phenomenon, there's no denying that he's something special.
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Thursday - April 24, 2014

Recital: Pierre Boulez Complete Solo Piano Music

Buenos Aires ARGENTINA
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Taka Kigawa performs Franz Liszt's Sonata in B minor. The Shelter Island Reporter described his performance as "Mr. Kigawa brought real expressive depth to this massive -- nearly 40 minutes -- work. Written in four uninterrupted movements, the interior drama of the work was so vividly developed that...